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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 11, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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morning, face your fears. >> that's what's makes news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." . making news in america this morning, breaking right now. a vigil for a teen shot by police turns into a riot with allotting and arrests. the new video in overnight. track tragedy. one of racing's biggest star under the microscope after a deadly crash. what tony stewart is saying about what happened. and the past controversies when his temper flared. and a roller coaster that stranded dozens of riders high above the ground. she's got game, the little leaguer now the talk of the sports world after a stellar performance.
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good monday morning, i'm michelle franzen. >> i'm devin dwyer. breaking news from st. louis, the vandalism and allotting followed a vighave vigil. >> windows were smashed. people were seen carrying out merchandise. we spoke to a lawmaker who witnessed the allotting. he said anger boiled over. >> it's a sad situation what's happening to our city. what happened in ferguson with the case of michael brown was something that really i think caused something that had been bubbling for a while to boil over. the anger and the young men in this community, how they're treated by police, how they're treated by the greater community, it's boiled over. we wanted to contain it and redirect it in a positive way.
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but, yeah, it -- it spilled over. >> more than a dozen people were arrested after riot police finally moved in. >> and there are growing calls for the fbi to investigate the death of michael brown. and attorney general eric holder instructed the civil rights division to monitor the case. much more on "good morning america." questions for race car driver. >> reporter: as they mourn the loss of kevin ward jr., tony stewart is in question. he did not race in sunday's sprint cup. he decided to pull out after saturday's horrible tragedy at this upstate new york track. during the race, kevin ward's car spins out and hits the wall.
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he gets out of the car, and as you can see in the youtube video, appears to go look for stewart on the track. >> they were racing very hard with each other. they made contact, and kevin's car crashed into the outside wall. kevin got out of his car, visibly frustrated with tony at the incident. >> reporter: as stewart's car passes, the right end hits ward. the 20-year-old was killed. >> it's pretty sick. >> reporter: authorities talked to stewart yesterday and saturday, they have not ruled out possible charges. but for now -- >> there is no evidence in hand or no facts that would support a criminal charge. >> reporter: tony stewart has a history of troers on the track. he was airsed in 2011, and the charges were dropped. and he fought fellow racer joey logano. they get out of their car to
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confront an opponent, and death is not uncommon. >> people die in racing all the time. you hardly hear about it. small tracks. so when it was -- being that tony was involved, it brought a lot of attention to it. in a tweet, tony stewart said there aren't words to describe the sadness i feel about the accident. turning to iraq now, the country's fragile government plunged into a political crisis even as islamic militants continue the bloody rampage. the prime minister is refusing calls to step down. accusing the new president of violating the constitution. the infighting comes adds isis continues to take over much of the war-torn country. the u.s. is standing by the new president. for the third consecutive day, the u.s. military carried out more air strikes against isis. and cargo planes made a third
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drop to refugees. jonathan karl has the latest. >> reporter: the heaviest u.s. bombardment since president obama authorized air strikes. five in five hours. it's not likely to end any time soon. >> this is going to a long-term project. >> reporter: but there are signs air strikes are having an impact. isis was forced to retreat from two towns near erbil. and 15,000 people have been able to flee mount sinjar. they were trapped and facing death. this new video shows how dire the situation remains. the british estimating that 150,000 remain under siege. most members of a minority group isis threatened to wipe out. video from a syrian town controlled by isis shows the blood thirsty extremism the u.s.
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is up against. this 14-year-old boy saying, quote, i want to kill with them. jonathan karl, abc news. jetblue is confirming that a bird strike caused an engine flight ready to take off from san juan to jfk. it was aborted. 186 passengers and 6 crew members evacuated. they were sliding down the slides. >> people were screaming and trying to bust open the emergency exit. elbowing it open. flight attendants held everybody back. >> they were put on another flight and landed in new york. a woman is dead after flash flooding in greenville county. they got out of their stalled car. her body was found the next morning almost two miles away. the search for the other victims
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resumed today. 5 inches of rain fell, closing roads and stopping businesses. and in mobile, alabama, one storm tore a sheet metal roof off of a business. other buildings were also damaged as well. time now for the weather across the nation. rain of some sorts in the eastern half of the country and also new mexico and colorado. clear skies, though, in new england. but it is a heat wave for the northwest. >> it is hot. portland, oregon's high temperature around the century mark. seattle a few degrees cooler. the upper mississippi valley will be in the low 80s. detroit won't break 80. and in case you missed it last night, here's what the so-called super moon looked like. it's called a super moon pause it is a full moon happening at the same time as the moon's
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closest approach to earth. don't worry, there's another super moon scheduled for september 9th. >> gorgeous pictures this morning, did you catch it? >> i didn't. >> we have to get out there. too busy working. luck of the draw? why some plane passengers are paying eight times as much as the person next to you. a jogger found strangled, this morning the evidence they have against the husband. plus riders rescued. what caused this roller-coaster to get stuck, stranding people on board for hours?
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welcome back.
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drivers getting a bit of a break during the heat of the summer driving season. the average price of a gallon of gas slipped 6 cents in the last two weeks the lundberg survey puts it at $3.52. it's cheapest in jackson, mississippi, and most expensive in san francisco. many drivers of volkswagens aren't going anywhere soon. they are walling 151 tiguan suvs for a stalling issue. 2009 to 2014. the fix involves a software upgrade to boost fuel pump pressure. so far no reports of crashes or injuries. not all passengers pay the same for their seats. but a new study finds some play as much as eight times as much as others. there isn't that much different on flights to popular vacation
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yesterday afternoon. it's like a tornado, but much less powerful, and it also lasts a much shorter time. this one lasting only a minute. well, dust won't be a problem for drivers, but flooding might be, especially in the mississippi and ohio valleys and great lakes region today. roads wet in the west and along the gulf coast. and if you're flying, airport delays are possible in detroit and chicago. a philadelphia man has been charged with strangling his wife after her body was found in a park. >> police say christopher murray confessed to attacking her after they argued. he was the chief suspect all along and failed a lie detecter test over the weekend. investigators say surveillance video shows him trailing his wife after she went for a run. they have two daughters, 12 and 15. new details on the roller coaster accident that left them stranded for five hours in
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maryland. they were sitting upright. a few had back cramps, pain and dehydration. no major injuries. the safety system worked the way it was supposed to. quick thinking and heroism by three eyewitnesss saved an idaho family after a plane crash. one even reported the accident before the plane hit the ground and caught fire. he knew the plane was in trouble after takeoff. unable to gain enough altitude. the three men raced to the soccer field. >> the door was open, my first thought, they got out, they're fine. no one was around, nope, they're still in there. >> when we got in there, the flames were coming in, or the heat was coming into the cockpit there. we had to work fast. >> worked fast, pulling the pilot, his wife and daughter out of the wreckage just moments
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before the fuel tank exploded. they are all hospitalized but lucky to be alive this morning. hearing from a california woman beaten by a highway patrol officer in los angeles. this video shows the c.h.i.p. pinning her and beating her. she thought she was going to die. >> i thought he was going to kill me. it looked like this, way up, giving all he had. for no reason. i did nothing to him. >> pinock who has been homeless is now suing authorities. the highway patrol said she was endangering herself by walking on to the interstate and the officer was trying to restrain her. now sports. eight little league teams have booked their places in the little league world series. the pitching star is 13-year-old moe nay davis. she struck out six batters on
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her way to a three-hit complete game shutout against a team from delaware. after the game, summed up the feeling. >> crazy. it's unbelievable. it's like kids from philly and now we're going to williamsport. very unbelievable. >> monet will be just the 17th girl to play in the little league world series since girls were allowed to play the sport 30 years ago. her team's first game, friday afternoon. >> her fast ball, 70 miles an hour i hear. the major golf tournaments are in the books. and they saved the best for last. >> the details and the recap of the racetrack tragedy from our man at espn. good morning, welcome inside "sportscenter." police in upstate new york say there's no evidence in filing charges against three-time sprint cup champion tony stewart following a crash where
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20-year-old kevin ward jr. was killed. the tragedy happened after stewart and ward's cars bumped, causing ward to spin out. stewart made his way around, ward got out of the car, crossed the track and pointed at the car and was hit by stewart's car. stewart did not race on sunday. and recoveory mcilroy wins single stroke over phil mickelson. whoa! and ted bishop, the lid nearly dropped off, it did, but rory saved the day. fourth career major before turning 26. next major at augusta. the masters next april. banal seball on sunday, baua singles. blue jays win 6-5. they're a game and a half back. for more, check out a live
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"sportscenter" at 9:00 a.m. eastern over on espn. there was some great competition over the weekend at the illinois state fair. >> that's where they held the annual husband call competition. let's hear from the winner, cheryl oh riley. >> my husband's name is francis riley. francis! >> don't keep her waiting. the men took part in the hog calling contest. the winner was a guy named chris carr. congratulations are in order to both of them. >> we were -- >> during the break, during break. up next in the pulse, a powerful message from the rock after some of his family members were in a serious car crash. and "uptown girl," billy joel sings to a special super star guest in the audience.
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it's time for the pulse. and a close call for the rock's family. >> dwayne the rock johnson says he's grateful after instagraming this photo of a car crash that nearly took the lives of his mom and cousin. they were struck by a drunk driver. be grateful you can tell your family you love them. good advice. and the love is still alive between the piano man and his uptown girl. >> who can forget the video? crooning over his real-life love christie brinkley. the marriage ended 20 years ago, but didn't stop this repeat
4:24 am
performance ♪ she's been living in an uptown world ♪ >> joel serenaded her again. she had front row seats. and the camera crews caught her in the jumbotron at the end of the song. brinkley posted several shots from the concert on her instagram. including one selfie that she captioned, he's still got it. he does. rocking it out. if you're a baseball fan, you might be familiar with the infamous sausage race in milwaukee. in kansas city, they had a version for kids. >> take a look, the hot dog race coming to an exciting con flugs. that's when the youngster in the yellow fell over. >> that's the mustard. he finished and completed with a tremendous ovation. pull him up, baby. >> oh, the pants, the pants. poor mustard. for some of you, your local
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good monday morning after 4:28. first up, a check on the wet forecast. i thought i heard mike talk about the possibility of storms. >> a small possible. but mostly tonight. not necessarily this morning. if you go outside you can still see the super moon out there before it societies in the next couple of hours. the cloud cover will not hang around. temperatures inland are jumping to 80 to 86. the coast and san francisco will see sunshine. 64 to 68. around the bay we are around 68 to 75. what are the commuters fining?
4:29 am
>> construction. [ inaudible ] >> any, 580 westbound from tracy to dublin you are at 23 minutes and highway four westbound from antioch to concord is 14 minutes. 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 17 minutes. construction project are around the bay including the caldecott tunnel tunnel are we have some lanes taken away until 7:00 a.m. back to kristen and eric. police in oakland are investigating a man being hit by a car. it happened after 10:30 p.m. at international boulevard and 35th avenue. he is in critical condition. alco does not appear to be a factor. there are no arrests. there is no word on the cause. >> the curtain comes down on a
4:30 am
huge homeless camp in san jose where an estimated 200 people live in the area at happy hallow park. matt keller is in san jose with more. cat? >> we are 2 1/2 hours away from the start of the clean up after flyers warned people living here they are trespassing. the city's homeless service manager says ten people will be affected. they will pick up gash original on the creek and the flyer does not specify the we area. advocates for homeless were this but neighbors saw this a safety and health has arrest. >> the churches want to help city but the city makes it impossible because the strategy in my opinion is to try to isolate homeless. >> you come here in the evening, you don't know what is in


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